Getting Started with Tyms API documentation.

The Tyms API allows you to programmatically access your Tyms account, simplifying the management of records directly from your own applications. This streamlines data handling, enabling seamless integration between your applications and Tyms, thereby enhancing the efficiency of record-keeping and accounting processes.

The Tyms API facilitates a seamless transition of transactions and data, ensuring smooth and efficient movement of information from your system to Tyms.

To get started, please follow the steps below:

Create your account by visiting Tyms.

  1. Tyms requires verification for the email you register - ensure that you confirm your email address.
  2. Retrieve your secret keys from your dashboard on the Developer API page on Tyms.
  3. Visit the API Reference to understand how Authentication works in the Tyms API.
  4. Use the sandbox environment to get familiar as this offers realistic data that follows standard use cases. You can test all API endpoints, use the widget, and even implement webhooks through this environment.
  5. Interact with the API:
    Make sure that you read through the Tyms API Reference to understand the specifics of interacting with the Tyms API, like request and response formats, and pagination.

For further questions or help, contact [email protected].